Writing Work


In our English lessons...

We are learning about poetry. We've been enjoying listening to lots of silly and funny poems. We've been using our senses to think about Autumn and write poems like:

I see yellow leaves.

I smell smoke. 

I hear leaves crunching. 

I taste warm soup. 

I feel like an ice cube. 

We will be writing about Bonfire Night using our senses too.

In our English lessons...

We are reading the book 'Pancake, Pancake' by Eric Carle'. We want to keep the story a surprise, so if you haven't already ready it please don't share it with your child. Thanks! 

So far we have created our own breakfast menus and practised being waiters and waitresses in our role play. Then we learnt about how to make flour and have been acting it out in the mill in the corner of our classroom. Next we will be learning how to write instructions. As part of this we will get to make pancakes. Yum! 


To help us write...

To help us remember what really good writing looks like, we use these pictures (finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, beautiful handwriting, listening for sounds, interesting words) . If you want a copy, click here.


In our handwriting....

Do you want to help your child to form letters correctly? Click for a copy of the handwriting phrases we use to help the children remember how to form each letter. 

Once the children can form the letters correctly we start teaching them a pre-cursive style with run ins and run outs. This will help them to start joining their writing. 


In our phonics...

We have daily phonics where we learnt to read and write new sounds. 

Not sure how to pronounce the sounds? Listen to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqhXUW_v-1s 

How can you help your child spell a word? Sound talk it first, then write it down. To sound talk it put a finger up for each sound you can hear (not letter): sheep -  sh-ee-p  - that's 3 sounds.

Don't worry if it's not the 'right' spelling - so long as your child has written all the sounds they can hear. For example you might write baking as b-ai-k-i -ng or climb as c-l-igh-m.

The children use the sound mats to help them at school.