Welcome to the Cheetahs' page! 

Our teachers are Mrs Collins (Mon-Wed), Mrs Gallagher (Thu-Fri), Mrs Smith (LSA) and Mrs Voce (Class LSA)

Maths Practise 

We are learning about money and giving change at the moment.

For practise on adding up coins click here

For practise on change click here.

For more challenging practise on change click here.

Red Nose Day - Friday 24th March

 We have had a fab day raising money to tackle poverty in the UK and Africa. To raise money, we wore our pyjamas, red or our own clothes. We had a cake sale and a bake off! We had our nails painted and hair braided. At the end of the day we watched three teachers and four pupils get gunge poured over their heads! Here are some photographs of our class getting involved...

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Well done to all of the Cheetahs for the big effort you made with your costumes. You all looked fantastic and we had a great day. We enjoyed a book scavenger hunt, reading books to our friends, sharing a book with children in other classes and describing our favourite characters. 

The crime scene!

At the beginning of the Spring term the children entered the classroom to be faced with a crime scene!

'What has happened?' 'Who would do this to our classroom?' 'How are we going to clear up all of this mess?'

These were some of the questions the children asked. Do you have any idea from the photos who it could be and what could have happened?

The children wrote down the evidence....straw, sticks, a brick house, bricks and pigs' trotters.

They came to the conclusion the destruction was caused by the big bad wolf when he blew down the little pigs' houses.

Well done Cheetahs :). The crime has been solved!

We are now going to enjoy learning the story, acting it out and adapting it to create our own.


Our Amazing day at West Lodge farm!


Phonics and Reading

Please read with you child at least 3 times a week for at least 5 minutes and write a short comment in their reading diary (eg read to page 7 or finished book).  If you have left a comment we will change their book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Are you looking for ways to help your child improve their reading and phonics? These websites have online books and phonics games to play. 

The vowel and consonant group are working through phase 5.




This video shows you how to pronounce our phonic sounds:




At the moment we are doing PE on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure you have your indoor and outdoor PE kit, any earrings are removed and you have a hair-tie for long hair. Please make sure all kit is labelled.  


In year 1 each half term you will receive a homework sheet which is about our topic. It has lots of different ideas and fun activities you could do for your homework.  

Homework is due in each Wednesday and will be returned again on Friday.










Each phonics group has a spelling test every Monday which is linked to the phonics we have been learning in class. Please make sure spelling books are in book bags on a Monday. 

Please practise your spellings at home. It doesn't have to be with a pencil and paper - you could write rainbow write them with coloured felt tips, paint them, draw them on a chalk board or in the sandpit.